Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spur of the moment

This is a spur of the moment blog. I'm frustrated and can't talk to anyone because of work right now. * I took a break part way through to play checkers with the younger one. So anyways here's why I wrote this blog.

Well I'll just start out with what my days are like. Starting with Mondays

Monday: I don't have to babysit on Mondays so I sleep in (YAY!), run errands, relax, do a little studying and then go to my Western Civilazations After 1600 class. It's from 6-9:50. We get one twenty minute break around 7:30 or so and generally get out 10 minutes early. I had my first test in this class on Monday.

Tuesday: I babysit from 8-4:30 for two boys that are 8 and 11. Then I go to class from 6-8:50. The class is Psychology and we had our first test yesterday. I got an A-which I'm happy about- even though it was a low A. Yes, I'm a perfectionist.

Wednesday: I babysit from 8-4:30 and go to class from 6-9:50.

Thursday: I babysit from 8-4:30 and class from 6-8:50.

Friday: I babysit from 8-4:30. And then I'm free!!

Saturday/Sunday: A lot of my friends work on the weekend but I try to spend time with them or with my family.

The frustration. The boys especially can be frustrating! I know this will help me with my future teaching but I don't feel as if I punish them and a lot of the frustration is their lazyness- which their parents obviously allow. So why should I fix this? I don't think that's what the parents would like.

I'll give you examples: I toasted a toaster strudel for the older one. I put on the icing from the icing packet but didn't spread it out. He looked at it. "You didn't spread out the icing!" I told him to do it if I didn't do it right. "I don't know how to. I can't ever do it right!". Really, is there a right way. His way turned out so much better than I would of done for him. There is two blankets. One was folded and the younger was sitting on that on the chair. The older said he didn't know how to fold a blanket. Really, you are 11 and can't fold a blanket? I mean you would really have to have problems if you can't fold a blanket at 11. I mean it doesn't have to be perfect. I'll have them bring up their plates from lunch and both, but especially the older won't even throw away his trash from it.

And they take forever to do what I ask. Come upstairs takes thirty minutes sometimes. Things like that annoy me.

Yesterday (Tuesday), they woke up around 8:20 and after lunch and finally finally getting them upstairs we went to the musuesm. The younger one wanted something at the gift shop that I wouldn't let him get last time we were there. I said if they wanted something than they couldn't get icecream or snowcones on the way back home. Of course the older one wanted icecream and the younger one wanted the keychain from the gift shop. So the older one kept saying "But it's this or the icecream" and the younger would say "I know. And I choose this." Anyways, the icecream place isn't on the way back but I offered to stop at McDonald's for icecream. He didn't want that.

Well today, the older one has a meltdown. I mean a meltdown. I told the younger one we were going to the library today yesterday and to tell his brother. Well last week the older couldn't find his book. They found it today. The things are due on Friday but I wanted to be safe and to return them today. The older one freaked out! I said we could renew it. The older (let's just call him O for older) said he didn't need to renew it because he'd be done by Friday. Even though I said we are going today. So we wouldn't go again for awhile. He just didn't understand why we couldn't go Friday when he was done. Seriously does it really matter if we renew an item?! No it doesn't. I tried to explain this to him but he just didn't get it. He locked himself in his room. When I got the key he came out. I told him to get his shoes on or he couldn't use the TV or Wii the rest of the day. He put his shoes on, tried to go back to his room. I stopped him. He freaked out again in the garage and halfway to the car (in the street) he sat down in the grass pulling it out and having a meltdown. Sick of this, I said go back inside we aren't going. No TV or Wii the rest of the day. He's still in room. He just needs to calm down. He freaks out if he doesn't have his way. It's irritating. I'm probably just going to return the book without renewing it or letting him finish if he doesn't apologize today. It is on my card.

Also, before I started the parents said they would get me a waterpark pass so I could take the boys. They got the boys passes and not me (I'm assuming they got passes for themselves). They also said they'd give me gas money for taking them places. They really want the boys to be active or atleast do something. They have yet to give me gas money. They do leave money for us to do things but I mean I'm just going to take their money. They need to give it me.

Oh and the dad get's off work at 4. He said he'd get home between 4:15 and 4:30. And they pay me for 8-4:30. But several times it's been 4:45 (I mean I guess like 3 times) and other times a little late. And they don't pay me for that. I mean it's not the money that frustrates me about it. It's that I have to eat dinner and get ready and go to class afterwards. When he's late, I can't run any errands. And it seems like the only time he's late is when I really need/want to get somewhere. And I have to put that on hold for a day. The fifteen minutes really does make a difference. And I can't go after class or before work because they are closed.

It's just frustrating. I just needed to vent. Majorally. And I know no one will really read this so and that's okay. I kind of want it this way.
I just needed to vent after today!
I understand I could of handled the situation better. However, I gave him warning and he didn't seem to care that much until it was time to go. I wanted to go. I kind of needed to go myself.

Blah, bad day. And I haven't even posted reviews or tutorials or hauls or anything here like I've been wanting to either.

Oh well.

He just left his room. Let's see how he acts the rest of the day.

-- Allison