Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wow, time flies!

So I haven't posted a blog in a really really long time. And so much as changed. I'm stil (kinda hehe) obsessed with makeup but I've also been obsessed with candles (from Candles By Victoria) and just recently bath products. I've ordered bath bombs from an Etsy store MyOtherPrincess ( after seeing them on Kate Gene's blog ( So adorable and I just placed another order with a big cupcake bath bomb to give away (but you'll have to be subscribed to my YT channel Oh and I bought some Fortune Cookie Soaps.

I have a lot of blogs I want to put up here. Reviewing some lipsticks I recently bought, Glamour Doll Eyes, a Top Ten Candles By Victoria scent, and reviews of the bath products. This blog is something I almost forget about that though. So I'll try to do more blogs soon.

But before I start talking about beauty items and products. I just wanted to give you an update on how my freshmen year of college went.

I LOVED it! Seriously went better than I could of expected. My roommate, Kaitlyn, and I became best friends. Seriously, best friends! And I couldn't be happier about that. Living so close to someone you don't care for couldn't be fun. I also became really close friends with my RA- Courtney, and several other people. I was involved in so much too! So I'll talk about those.
SAB (Student Activities Board)- brings a lot of fun things to campus. I was on the Entertainment Committee- we brought magicians, comedians, etc. to campus so I got to meet them and it was so much fun!
Tomorrow's Teachers- Kids come to campus twice a week to be tutored and we tutor them. We also made math centers for area classrooms and did Math,Science, and History night. Next schol year I'm going to be the Co-Historian- we design the t-shirts, make a board that hangs in the hallway and take pictures at events.
BASIC (Brothers and Sisters In Christ)- We met once a week for worship and a message and usually on Fridays to hang out. I didn't go to the hang outs all that much but it was still fun!
Up 'til Dawn- I'll give you the short way to describe it "Student run, student led organization on college campuses that raise awareness and funds for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I was on Morale/Advocacy committee. Our goal was to tell the campus about St. Jude. I'm going to be the Morale/Advocacy co-chair.

I also will be an RA next year. RA is a Resident Assistant- so my job is have floor socials, and when I'm on duty make sure everything runs smoothtly- for isntance, if I catch someone drinking I write them up (if they are under 21). And enforce quiet hours etc.

This summer I have two night classes and I'm babysitting during the day so I'll be super busy. But I have so many Youtube videos I want to make and post (and of course blog) so I'm gonna try to make sure I update both.

If you have anything specifically I need to do first or atleast sometime please let me know!

xoxo, Allison :)

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