Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's August!

Well I mean it's August 6th, so yes it's August. But August means a lot of changes for me.

Monday, the 10th, is my last day of work. I've worked there since September 4th. I'm quite ready for a change. Some days I like working. Others, well, I can't stand working. And I get a party at work :)

Wednesday, the 12th, I have to get my wisdom teeth removed. My lower ones are impacted and my top ones are coming out, but are barely out. So this means pain and probably "chipmunk" cheeks. So not looking forward to this.

And finally, Friday August 28th I'm moving into my dorm. I have to go my seminar class that next day. And my classes start September 1st. I'm taking 5 classes (17 credit hours). I'm getting nervous and really exciting. I can't even imagine how different I know it will be.

Because, there's a link to this in my brush review on youtube, I'll talk someone beauty (which sounds weird the way I worded it).

- I've been trying lots of makeup looks, particularly eye looks. I've been browsing people's youtube channels and frankly, it's made me buy lots of makeup. Right now I have on Covergirl's Shimmering Sands which I saw in a few people's video. Also, my bronzer I never would of picked up if it wasn't for emilynoel83.
-Right now I'm waiting for my Huge Lips, Skinny Hips lip gloss (I ordered 2!) and some everyday minerals makeup.
- Try this (I'm loving these things now): Wet N Wild Bronzzer in Bali Bronze, Covergirl Eye Enhancer's quad in Urban Basics, Clinique's lip gloss in Bamboo Pink, Covergirl's eyeliners, Rimmel's foundations, ELF's mineral booster, L'Oreal Telescopic mascara.

XOXO, Allison

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