Friday, July 10, 2009

New blog :)

So this is my first blog- which is pretty exciting.

One of my first things I've been wanting to talk to you about is The Bachelorette. So, if you haven't seen last Monday's episode yet scroll for awhile.

Well ever since, say the second episode, I didn't like Wes. After awhile, I was even getting mad at Jillian for keeping him. How many times did people have to say he had a girlfriend before she believed him? Well let's see, until he accidently said it himself. When Jillian let him go, Wes was quite proud of himself for going to the final four with a GIRLFRIEND. What a terrible person. Just to get publicity. I don't have words to describe him. I can't believe he would hurt someone like that, just to get ahead.

And before I go to get my hair done, I'm going to do some "in's and out's".

Neutogena Nourishing Eye Quad in Moonlight Violet. I saw it in Seventeen, worn by Juicystar07 from Youtube.
Ice Tea- unsweetened of course.
One Tree Hill- I started getting into by watching it on Netflix (I'm only on season 5 so I don't want you to give away secrets)
Reading- Summer is the perfect time to read and working at a library, I love books!
Hair cuts- Change can be good and I'm getting one today.

Working all the time- After a 35.5 hour work week, plus babysitting tonight and yesterday, I really need a break.
Not doing summer reading- I think I need to get going on my book for my class
Rain- It ruined my 4th of July plans and it looks like it might rain now.

Look for an E.L.F. review soon, my package should be arriving anyday now.

XOXO, Allison

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