Tuesday, July 21, 2009

To-Do List


So I have a long to-do list.

Here it is!

1) Clean my room: It is terrible. I keep starting and then stopping and it gets worse. I really, really need to clean and it keep it that way.
2) Read my book for my seminar class: It's called Three Cups of Tea and I've talked about it before.
3) Read my other books from the library and watch the movies I rented: So I have like 6 books to read and 6 movies.
4) Put away my laundry: I did laundry Sunday, and it's still not put away.
5) Get random items for college: Laundry stuff, decorations, new clothes, new pajamas, and all sorts of other things
6) Make strawberry cupcakes: I told Sarah I'd make them for her awhile ago. Random story- at work people had a meeting and there were extra cupcakes. They gave them to us and Sarah loved them. So did I. This happened like 3 months ago and last month Sarah mentioned them. I told her I would make them.
7) Get healthier- so that way it will be habitual for college
8) Call the doctor's office- why do colleges make you get a physical anyways. I can't stand going to the doctor.

So yeah I'm sure there are more.

What's on your to-do list?

XoXo, Allison

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